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What To Look For In a Lifting Equipment Maintenance Provider

If you ever need to use lifting equipment, you must choose a reputable lifting equipment supplier. They should be a company with a good history of providing lifting equipment that’s reliable, safe, and secure. But how do you go about finding one? With a clear breakdown of what to look for in a lifting equipment and maintenance supplier, you’ll be better equipped to distinguish the good from the bad.

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What to Look for in a Lifting Equipment Maintenance Supplier

Many people choose to hire rather than buy their lifting equipment. It means you only pay for what you need and there’s no need to stress about finding somewhere to store it. You don’t have to worry about paying for repairs or lifting equipment maintenance either. If you’re looking for a reputable lifting equipment supplier, here are some things to look for.

A Wide Range of Products to Choose From

Lifting equipment is used in a variety of situations. It can be used for small, two-man jobs, or on a much larger scale such as million-pound construction projects. Many reputable lifting equipment suppliers specialise in certain markets. However, there are also suppliers, like us here at ULH Services, that offer a much broader range of products. Our product range includes the hire and servicing of the following lifting equipment:

Companies that offer such a wide range of lifting equipment also have a wealth of experience in dealing with a variety of lifting jobs. You’re more likely to find the right equipment for your project if you choose one of these.

Health and Safety is a Priority

A high level of risk is involved in any project that requires lifting equipment, whether it’s a mobile elevated work platform, access equipment, or overhead structures. Working at height is much riskier than working on the ground.

When you’re looking for a provider of lifting equipment and maintenance services you want one that is well-versed in all aspects of health and safety. A good place to start looking for evidence of this is on their website. Look for a page that is dedicated to lifting equipment and working safety. Another good indicator of a reputable lifting equipment supplier is one that offers a consultancy service in relation to health and safety. When you contact the company, it should be something they talk about almost immediately.

Evidence of Regular Lifting Equipment Maintenance and Servicing

Following on from health and safety is maintenance and servicing of the lifting equipment. A reputable lifting equipment supplier will be able to provide evidence that they regularly and thoroughly inspect their equipment to make sure it’s in good working order. It’s also an indication that they consider the safety of their customers a priority.

Lifting Equipment Companies With a Good Reputation

If you want to hire your equipment from the best in the business you must look for customer testimonials and reviews. You may be able to find these on the company website, however, there are lots of other places to look. The internet is a great source of information. Feedback on a supplier’s service is a good indicator of a company’s reputation.

Also, ask around for recommendations. There might be another local business that has used lifting equipment in the past. You might know friends, family, or colleagues who have used such services. A first-hand recommendation is always going to be beneficial.

Aftercare Services

Aftercare services are an essential quality for a supplier of lifting equipment. Certain types of lifting equipment can be very complex items to use and install, especially when you’ll be using them for heavy loads.

Availability of Information

If you’ve looked for lifting equipment before, you’ll appreciate that there are many varieties to choose from. Knowing which ones to choose can be very confusing if you’ve never used them before. A reputable lifting equipment supplier that provides a wealth of useful information is going to help you make the right choice. Start by looking at the company’s website. Make a note of all the key information points with regards to the lifting equipment. Taking this approach improves your customer user experience and provides a useful insight into how the company works.

If you fail to follow these tips you’re putting the safety of you and your workforce at risk. It can also be detrimental to your project.

There are many suppliers to choose from that offer these services as standard, but here at UHL, we offer the ideal solutions for you and your business. To discuss our lifting equipment for hire and any of our other services in more detail, please get in touch.