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Tirak Winch

Tirak Winch

Key Specification

  • Extremely reliable: Less maintenance, higher productivity and better efficiency.
  • Compact design: Easy installation and incorporation in your specific application.
  • Light weight: This maximizes the usable workload for better efficiency.
  • Stability: Constant lifting torque and speed, independent from lifting height.
  • Flexibility: Power supply in your required voltage, or also air powered possible.


Product Overview

Tirak X series: The performance standard for material handling.

Our Tirak winches for hire is renowned for its proven technology in numerous applications. The models of our Tirak™ X-type traction hoist are lighter and can therefore ideally be used when a low weight for the application is essential. The Tirak man riding winch has only a single drive disc, whilst the grip of the wire rope on the pulley is obtained by spring-loaded pressure rollers. These electric heavy duty winches are ideal for lift shaft maintenance and cable pulling and are suitable for lighting and hauling operations

The advantage of the T type models is their ability to pull into both directions. The hoists of the T-series have two clamping wheels. The wire rope travels around the two pulleys along with an “S”-path. This enables increased convenience as the maneuverability of this heavy-duty winch is much easier than that of previous models.

Why Choose Us For Cable Pulling Winch Hire?

When you choose our Tirak winches for hire, you will not be disappointed, not only are they extremely durable and functional, they will also make light work of difficult tasks too. If you are unsure of whether our electric winch hire service is right for you, do not hesitate to get in touch, a member of our expert team can provide you with in-depth advice and guidance relevant to you and your project, so that you are fully equipped to make an informed decision. As part of our quality service, we also ensure that all of our equipment is regularly serviced and maintained to ensure optimum safety, our Tirak winch is no exception to this rule. So you can be comforted with the peace of mind that you are not putting yourself at any significant risk. You will not regret choosing our cable pulling winch hire services.

For more information about our Tirak winches for hire, please contact us on 0203 488 0966.

Our Tirak models are available in the following wire rope speed versions:

Tirak Winch Products

X300 to X1530 (depending on model)

Rope speeds of: 4,5 m/min, 9 m/min, 18 m/min, 4,5/9 m/min, 4,5/18 m/min, 9/18 m/min

X 3050

Rope speeds of: 6 m/min, 12 m/min, 6/12 m/min